Criminal Defense

A defense lawyer is your best weapon to fight the crime you have been charged with. In the field of criminal law, there are a variety of conditions that will tend to negate elements of a crime, known as the criminal defense.  The general defenses include Insanity, Duress, Necessity, Mistake, Self-Defense, Legal Duty and others.  

In the Criminal Law practice, the defense attorneys know how to use constitutional guarantees to the advantage of their clients. The Constitution provides many more protections that apply to the field of criminal defense law. Someone who has been tried and acquitted of a crime cannot again be charged with that office, as mandated by the “double jeopardy” provision of the Fifth Amendment. The Sixth Amendment guarantees criminal defendants the right to a public trial, and in many cases, the right to have their guilt or innocence decided by a jury. It also affords the right to confront adverse witnesses, and to use the court’s subpoena power to compel the appearance of favorable witnesses. 

We handle all range of cases include traffic crimes, DUI, misdemeanors and felonies, help our clients to defend their innocence.


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